Cross-Country – XCO Olympic Track

This structure regularly supports the development of this cycling discipline, and it is perfectly integrated in the High Performance Centre of Anadia. The infrastructure includes a MTB XCO track, about 3.6 km in length, built under Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) rules, and it is ready to host great international events. It also includes an administrative building, locker rooms, and two parking lots.

The MTB XCO comprises an unpaved uneven twisty route, alternating ascents with flat and/or descending zones, ascents with steep slopes, vertiginous descents, natural and artificial obstacles, such as stones, trunks, roots, bridges.

This infrastructure is of paramount importance to the development of the discipline, especially in terms of training, education and preparation of high performance athletes for the great world competitions. It provides all the necessary technical conditions and also the security of training in a controlled environment of a closed track.

Location: Rua da Várzea, Tamengos

GPS: 40°25’17.06″N / 8°28’24.15″W

Lenght: 3.6km

Cumulative elevation gain about: 100m

Height: 48m

Maximum height: 68m

Description: “The finish line is located near the main building. The athletes will depart in an upward direction on a large route with some ups and downs, encouraging the positioning of the strongest cyclists. After the first bridge, the track turns to the finish line and here the athletes meet the first technical obstacles (drop, relevé, trunks), followed by the first steep ascent with a slope greater than 25%. On the top, they turn left for a new series of drops, followed by a false flat pedalling zone, then a new ascent and a technical descent (relevé and rock garden). A new steep ascent succeeds and then back to the finishing line zone, where there is a technical and food double zone, prior to a rhythmic zone. There is a new ascent, single tracks, a pedalling zone, rock gardens, jumps and drops until they reach a rock garden of 50m, prior to a new passageway through the technical and food zone. Afterwards, there is a passageway through a bridge with relevé, followed by a rhythmic section and finally entry on the final straight.”

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