BMX Olympic Track

Currently, this is the only BMX Olympic Track in the Iberian Peninsula. It is ready to host international events of Supercross and, simultaneously, all levels of competition. It is the regular training track of the BMX Portuguese National Team.

The track is 420 meters in length and it has three Junior/Elite “Pro Zones”. All turns are coated with asphalt and the straights are composed of three types of material: the base material is composed of soil and properly compacted clay, then it is followed by a sub-base layer of limestone tout-venant, and finally it has a layer of stone powder on the surface, which allows the track’s use in almost all weather conditions.

The track has two UCI starting ramps, one ramp of 8 meters height, required for Supercross events, and a ramp of 5 meters height of Challenge level. It also has “Prostart” starting gates 100% electric and a “Tag Heuer” timing system and photofinish.

Location: Rua Ivo Neves, 3780-524, Sangalhos

GPS: 40°28’48.4″N 8°28’35.4″W

Lenght: 420m

Number of ramps: 2

Height of the ramps: 5 meters / 8 meters

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