National Velodrome

Opened in 2009 and located in Sangalhos, municipality of Anadia, the National Velodrome is a unique infrastructure in Portugal. The track is used for training camps by national teams when preparing the great track cycling and para-cycling international competitions.

The National Velodrome has a covered track of 250 meters with a low-floor layout in the centre and a capacity for welcoming 1000 spectators. Designed for athletes and technical staff, the training centre has 16 triple rooms and an area suitable for the preparation and recovery of the athletes with health club locker rooms, gyms, medical offices, a training room and a lounge with cafeteria. The Velodrome also has a meeting room, a conference room, offices, and a canteen.

Location: Rua Ivo Neves, 3780-524, Sangalhos

GPS: 40°28’48.4″N 8°28’35.4″W

Building type: Pista coberta/madeira

Lenght: 250 metros

Width: 7.10 metros

Maximum inclination of the turns: 41,2 °

Minimum inclination of the straights: 11,8 °

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